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May 10, 2013
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MnG: Vincent by Absolute-King MnG: Vincent by Absolute-King
APP for :iconmizu-no-gakuen:

★Name: Von Grey, Vincent
★Age: 19
★Height: 6'1" (1,85)
★Weight: 187 lbs (85Kg)
★Sexuality: Straight
★Year: Senior
★Main Stroke: Freestyle
★Level : EXPERT


+ His freedom/Independence
+ Sleep everywhere, especially under a nice tree
+ Blue sky
+ Spring and summer
+ Spicy food
+ His family
+ Womens with big breast
+ Sports (not only swimming, but soccer too)
+ Cooking (his father works all day, so he's the one who cooks)
+ Arcade games
+ Dogs
+ Read (shounen jump!)

- Rainy days ('cause he always forgets to bring an umbrella)
- People who try to deceive him
- Orders (unless you're his parents or teacher)
- Naive people
- Girls with flat chest
- Cats
- Sweet food
- Someone waking him up
- Crowded places and annoying people
- Talking about personal issues
- Hospitals (he just dont like, he's not afraid)

ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ   ㅤ    Loyal | Reserved | Courageous | Mature | Reliable

Despite his competitive nature, Vincent is a really calm guy. He enjoys himself while training in the pool, Vincent thinks that emotions make people get weak that's why he likes to keep himself away from other club members, since he believe that could make his concentration slow down. He respects all the senior members, after all he knows that everyone there has exceptional potential, even those with strange personality.

Vincent lived in England with his parents and little sister until he was 10 years, after that his father moved to live and work in Japan (he's a physiotherapist /how convenient). Ever since he was young, Vincent has been a very strong kid and quite the troublemaker, he often got himself in trouble because of his superprotective nature agains his little sister, Sarah. His Father/Mother, seeing that his kid was very energetic, always encouraged him to practice sports and that was how he started practiced swimming. Vincent loved the pool, the sensation of the water, to swim as fast as any other kid, as he got better at swimming he started to get more competitive. Because of his constant training in swimming, he grew up healthy and strong. However, because of his nature he started to meddle himself in fights with other kids specially because of his sister, which he loved so much. Since he was strong and rarely lost a fight, Vincent became arrogant and cocky. However things changed when he was 13, some of his friends started to try on picking his sister and when he saw, he got infuriated and ended up in a big fight, which made him have scars on his back.Vincent changed since that day, he become more quiet and calm and ended up moving to live in Japan with his father for a while. He’s still quite competitive when it comes to swimming.

★Additional Info:

voice : Daisuke Ono…

Past theme :…

★R P m e t h o d s :
GoogleDocs +

Vincent von Grey © Absolute-King

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Norachi-chan Mar 10, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
I love his design So cool!! :heart:
I really love his eyes and hair!
wwww thanks, I need to revamp him soon! XD
Norachi-chan Mar 10, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
No problem :3
Youkai-Meimi Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Ohhh I love how you color!! The colors are so...solid!!

And...would you like to RP :D
:iconhebishieplz: sure, I'll just fix something on my APP first
Youkai-Meimi Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Eh? Why?

And okay~ do you prefer notes?
XD haha grammatical things
actually I prefer google Drive it's better for me to remember
Youkai-Meimi Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist drive? whats that?
...I feel soo old now XD
I'll show you
Youkai-Meimi Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
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